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Thanks to Lena and the Lounge crew, travelers can be confident of being fully updated on all their needs.

Lena Willenheimer Rask is one of the important staff members in the SAS lounge at CPH who meets you as a traveler. In times like these it is especially important to have the right information before departure. We had a chat with Lena to get the latest update.

Hi Lena, what is the most common question you get today?  

I would say that the questions are very often about what is needed from a safety and testing/regulations point of view. In addition of course, questions about the different types of flexible tickets we offer.   

What is you answer to that?  

As before, we have a 24-hour money-back guarantee when booking which, now more than ever, is great for our travelers.   

Our SAS Plus tickets are both re-bookable and refundable. A ticket type that was popular before but has increased in interest now when we see that things can change very quickly.   

Are there any new tickets that have been launched during Covid-19?  

Yes. We have introduced SAS Go Flex which is a flexible type of ticket for domestic travel. With a SAS Go Flex ticket we offer free rebooking up until one hour before departure and it is refundable for a fee. If rebooking to a ticket with a higher fare, you have to pay the fare difference. 

How about international travel?  

You can rebook your international trip with SAS free of charge up until 72 hours before departure. This offer is a service to our travelers in these special times and applies for all international travel right now.   

Is there something you long for and you hear from our travelers that they look forward to? 

To meet and greet in the lounge! The normal life in the lounge, the international atmosphere with travelers speeding through the lounge! A good homemade coffee from the café, the food from the buffet and of course the smiles!

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