Presenting SAS’ new direct routes

In summer 2020, even more passengers will be able to fly direct to many of SAS’ most popular destinations. Here’s our list of all the new additions.

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Alicante – 30 June (from Aarhus)

Alicante feels like a cozy village. Small wonder then that so many people have fallen in love with this Spanish city. Here SAS travelers will find a wonderfully Spanish way of life, shopping, traditional tapas and historic monuments. All perfectly situated right next to the long white beaches of the Costa Blanca on the Mediterranean.

Fly here: From 30 June, SAS will be the only airline offering direct flights between Aarhus and Alicante. The Airbus A320neo, the world’s most fuel-efficient aircraft for travel within Europe, will take SAS travelers from Aarhus to Alicante every Tuesday.


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Chania – 2 July (from Aarhus)

Chania is Crete’s second-largest city and offers everything from swimming and sunbathing to shopping. Along the 1,000km-long coastline, you’ll find beautiful caves, coves and peninsulas to explore. Crete’s many long beaches are considered to be among the best in the world and have made the island one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations. Centered around the beautiful port, Chania’s entertainment, dining experiences and walks among the narrow alleyways and squares are never far away.

Fly here: From 2 July to 6 August, SAS will be flying the Airbus A320neo, the most fuel-efficient aircraft for travel within Europe, from Aarhus to Chania every Thursday.


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Haugesund – 28 June (from Copenhagen)

Situated between Bergen and Stavanger on the west coast of Norway is Haugesund. Surrounded by nature at its best, Haugesund nestles among the fjords and the mountains. The landscape around these parts is just made for outdoor adventures, with fjords, waterfalls and mountains all in one place. Haugesund also has a Viking history, but these days is a bustling city with fun festivals and events throughout the year.

Fly here: SAS flies direct from Copenhagen to Haugesund three times a week: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 28 June to 9 August.


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St Petersburg – 12 June (from Copenhagen)

St Petersburg is one of the largest cities in Europe and is home to over 5 million people. Visitors here can stroll among historic buildings and also see the tallest building in Europe, the Lakhta Center, which stands 462m tall. The city’s many theaters, concert halls and museums make St Petersburg a must for all those with cultural experiences high on their list of things to do on vacation. Especially as it’s home to the Hermitage Museum in the Winter Palace, which is the world’s largest museum. St Petersburg will also be one of the host cities for UEFA Euro 2020.

Fly here: The world’s most fuel-efficient aircraft, the Airbus A320neo, will fly SAS travelers direct from Copenhagen to Saint Petersburg, starting on 12 June. Until the end of August, SAS will operate the route every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  


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Venice – 4 July (from Oslo)

Denna otroligt populära italienska stad är huvudstad i regionen Veneto ligger på en av de 118 små öar som separeras av kanaler. Här bor enbart 55,000 människor men varje år lockar staden till sig häpnadsväckande 20 miljoner besökare. Kanske just för att Venedig är Venedig och ingen annan stad är den lik. Romantiken ligger i luften och vatten omger husen. Njut av den unika och bilfria miljön i det tusenåriga världsarvet med kultur och arkitektur som speglar renässansen.

Fly here: During the summer peak, from 27 June to 8 August, SAS will be flying its CR9 aircraft direct from Oslo to Venice every Saturday.


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Barcelona – 27 June (from Bergen)

Barcelona is one of the world’s top five most-visited cities, no doubt because there’s something for everyone here. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and Spain’s second-largest city, making it the ideal base for exploring the rest of this amazing coastal region, which includes the enchanting provinces of Girona and Tarragona. If you’re staying in the city, you’ll find endless shopping, breathtaking architecture – with Gaudi’s work a particular highlight – soccer and a vibrant outdoor scene and beach life. Whether you’re looking for a quiet day at the beach or you want to immerse yourself in the bustling lifestyle of the big city at Las Ramblas, Barcelona is a fantastic destination. You’ll find everything here you’d expect from a big city that’s situated on the coast and boasts a Mediterranean climate.

Fly here: SAS flies direct from Bergen to Barcelona twice a week. From 27 June, SAS travelers will be able to fly there on a Boeing 737 every Tuesday and Saturday.


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Malaga – 25 Jun (from Kristiansand)

Did you know that Picasso came from Malaga? This port city is a beautiful cultural gem on the Spanish south coast. It’s also a great place to use as a starting point for exploring the rest of that vacation hotspot, the Costa del Sol. This immensely popular beach resort attracts tourists all year round. So if you’re looking for a destination with plenty of sunshine, Malaga is perfect, with its sub-tropical climate and year-round sun.

Fly here: SAS is the only airline that connects southern Norway with the Mediterranean. From 25 June to 6 August, SAS will be flying the Airbus A320neo, the world’s most fuel-efficient aircraft for travel within Europe, direct from Kristiansand to Malaga every Thursday. 


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